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As you can see from the incredible post below, I’m back from my month and a half (or more) or pure chaos. I want to apologize to my readers, advertisers, couples, and industry folks who have had to wait while I get through some things. Truthfully, I’m still working through them. Unfortunately, as a one wo-man show, it’s very obvious when I’m struggling. Things grind to a halt. And the blog silence adds to my anxiety and overall desire to give up and lay in bed all day. Sometimes it feels like I have a never-ending list of tasks on my plate for even this one aspect of my life – much less everything else – and it’s hard to tell where to get started. But start again I have. Cope I will. Do or do not, there is no try. (Sorry, I started to feel a little like Yoda there so I opted to roll with it.) Thank you for the kind words and timely emails today that helped me get my butt in gear!

Styled Shoot: Piney River Ranch Wedding

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Fall mountain wedding, Piney River Ranch wedding, Couple in the rocky mountains, Aldabella Photography

All photos by Aldabella Photography

I am starting to run out of adjectives to describe the awesomeness that is Aldabella Photography. Everything they touch turns to gold! With an imaginative team of vendors and a very attractive couple, this Piney River Ranch wedding styled shoot takes my breath away. The warm light, rich colors, and intimacy of the portraits gives you the feeling of a warm hug. The incorporation of the water into a great deal of the shoot lends a calming effect to what was clearly a very busy day for this talented team and their models (a real life engaged couple). The mood is distinctly autumn without being over the top. Deep hues and greenery denote the fall but also allow for maximum contrast against the gilded landscape in a way that typical oranges and browns simply could not. The addition of the cobra lilies/pitcher plants made me extra happy as they are one of my current favorites. Their dark, prominent veining really compliments the purples used throughout. The beautifully understated stationery echos the mountains all around and drives home the underlying color scheme. But to me, the biggest star of the show in terms of decor is that incredible altar space on the causeway. Talk about your incredible locations! The couple is quite a handsome one with a slight touch of Old West to highlight the uniqueness of the venue. I can’t imagine a more beautiful setup. Hats off to you all!

Venue: Piney River Ranch, Vail | Photography: Aldabella Photography | Design/Planning: Platinum Weddings and Events | Gown: Mori Lee via Dora Grace Bridal | Hair and Makeup: Megan Cary Artistry | Floral Design: Petal and Bean | Stationery: Platypus Papers | Rentals: Alpine Party Rentals

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