Hittin the Links – 6/20/11

By Season Hurd |

I thought this week kinda sucked wedding-blog wise. But then I looked back at what I saved and was surprised. Although I must say that Style Me Pretty won the week.

Enjoy some link love folks. I will be back tomorrow with what I hope is great news. Expect some fun DIY posts this week too (if it stops raining and we can get good photos).


  1. Cute playbill wedding programs (with template!) – Weddingbee
  2. DIY BBQ in a jar. Such a good idea to help people carry the food with them and not have to carry a plate that can tip. You can do all kinds of meals in jars! – Givers Log
  3. Custom decorative tape could be used for all sorts of great wedding things. – Just Something I Made
  4. “Up” inspired guestbook. – Offbeat Bride

The Lighter Side of Weddings:

  1. What good are all the boxes of wedding crap around your house? Plenty. Two words, Zombie Apocalypse! – Broke Ass Bride
  2. Loving this what-not-to-do bachelorette party post. – Weddingbee


  1. A beautiful COLORADO wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. – Style Me Pretty
  2. I’ve seen the wooden wall wedding decor before. But this one is just breathtaking and so complete. – Weddingbee
  3. A very unusual, colorful wedding. I think I would be upset if my MOH had blue hair. Kinda detracts from the bride, right? – Style Me Pretty and more DIY on 100 Layer Cake
  4. Profoundly beautiful photography. Nuff said. – Style Me Pretty
  5. An Irish wedding that doesn’t beat the Irish theme over your head. Beautiful. – Elizabeth Anne Designs
  6. If that something ugly about your reception space is ceiling fans, you will find this very inspirational. Putting lipstick on a pig. – Always a Blogsmaid
  7. I love, love, love the way this wedding transforms from hot colors during the day to cool blues at night. Just to scroll down the page and watch it evolve is stunning. – Style Me Pretty
  8. Normally nautical theme weddings are dorky but this one is all class. Love the sand dollars. – Style Me Pretty
  9. Amazing use of flower petals to create something exceptionally complex. Anyone can do this! – Style Me Pretty
  10. Now the guys are getting in on the slightly mis-matched outfits. I wish we had this kind of time and budget. Genius. – Style Me Pretty
  11. While not a fan of engagement shoots, check out the use of statues in this one. – Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


  1. Following up from the unplugged wedding last week, nice ways to ask people to unplug. – Offbeat Bride
  2. And ANOTHER wedding with the dress I thought I loved. I’ll keep this up as long as it’s popular. ;)
  3. Fun bridal shower games that never get old (IMO but I’m nostalgic). – Weddingbee


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