Hittin the Links – 7/11/11

By Season Hurd |

Sorry it’s been awhile folks. I’m way behind on so many things. So here’s a couple weeks of links. Believe me, I had to catch up on all these blogs so I had it worse than you. Enjoy. ;)


  1. Simple brilliance – decorate a tin can with paper. – Luna and ChloeDIY:
  2. I’m not normally a fan of bunting (overdone) but this cake bunting made of postage stamps is an exception. The best part is that anyone can make this. – Brides
  3. Don’t want to commit to a fingerprint tree for fear of it getting messed up? Try punch-out leaves instead. – I Do It Yourself
  4. DIY lace vases for floating candles. This was kinda “meh” on this until I saw how amazing they look when the floating candle ends up right in line with the lace. *swoon* – Weddingbee
  5. A card box made of photo frames. – The Budget Savvy Bride
  6. Make your own shaped crayons! – Weddingbee
  7. Mini wedding cakes. So cute. – Austin Wedding Blog
  8. DIY mustache and lip chocolate suckers. – The Wedding Chicks
  9. Fun flower pots for favors. – Emmaline Bride
  10. Etch your own toasting glasses with…toast. I think the flying toasters would be even cooler but only people of a certain generation would get it. – Offbeat Bride
  11. Hammered spoons are easier to make than I thought – Elizabeth Anne Designs
  12. You can turn almost anything into a vase and this adorable birdy tape dispenser is proof. – Luna and Chloe Weddings
  13. Paper wheels. Make them and feel the updated vintage. – Ruffled
  14. You can do this! Jenga guestbook means you get to enjoy the love of your guests when you play the game at home. – Austin Wedding Blog

The Lighter Side of Weddings:

  1. How to have a successful bachelorette party (the Livestrong penis cookie made me lol) – Weddingbee
  2. “The Terrible Courage of Being Offbeat” – Offbeat Bride


  1. OMG these handmade wedding maps are AMAZING. – Pier’s Graphic Desktop (Specifically this one)
  2. Airstream photo booth = awesome. – Austin Wedding Blog
  3. A fun way to ask your bridesmaids/groomsmen to be part of your wedding. Who doesn’t love superimposed heads? – The Budget Savvy Bride
  4. And here I thought I was the only one who figured this out. Turns out Dollar Tree knows how much they rock for weddings. See great inspiration here. – Dollar Tree
  5. Remember how I said it would be cute to do an E-session with a lemonade stand? – Green Wedding Shoes
  6. A lovely Colorado wedding in The Knot – The Knot
  7. A seriously stylish couple – Love and Lavender
  8. Theme weddings are kinda weird but at least they let you get bits of inspiration you can use. 1920s themed weddings have a lot of special details. – 100 Layer Cake
  9. Beautiful same-sex couple engagement session. I love their matchy clothes and laid back nature of the photography. It feels like a denim commercial but I’m digging it. – Kiss the Groom
  10. Really pretty music-inspired wedding ideas. – The Wedding Chicks
  11. Another wedding…blah blah…skip halfway down to the photo printed bunting. – Cap Classique
  12. Offbeat movie-themed wedding in an old theater. – Offbeat Bride
  13. Unique takes on the ol’ thumbprint tree are really clever. – Green Wedding Shoes
  14. Multi-tasking wedding place cards. More bang for your buck. – Offbeat Bride
  15. I never would have thought of RENTING trees! This rocks! You can go woodland or full on Westminster Abbey. – Weddingbee


  1. Vintage wedding photos – Offbeat Bride
  2. Oh looky there. It’s THE DRESS again. – Little Black Book

That oughta keep you busy for awhile folks.

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