Zombie Apocalypse Wedding

By Season Hurd |

Allow me to nerd out for a moment if you would. I was looking over some photos I took of a nearly deserted town in SE Colorado that I was going to share as a photo op. The more I looked at them, the more they seemed like the set from a post-apocalyptic story line where very few people survived the tragedy. That got me wondering if anyone had done an engagement session like that. While my idea has never really been done, it appears that the¬†obsession¬†with a zombie apocalypse (seriously, from the way people talk about it all the time you’d think it’s imminent) has certainly crossed over into the wedding world. Here are my favorites:

  • The one above is so funny because it’s like a normal e-session but then the zombie totally interrupts them. You can find the whole session here.
  • This one must have had a seriously high budget! It looks like something from a real movie.
  • This one is a little less lovey but more high-fashion I guess.
  • This one is kinda pud overall but I like the way they are toting their guns like badasses.
And that is just what I found in a cursory search. My nerdy heart goes pitter pat. I’m not a huge fan of themed e-sessions usually. Maybe that’s because I hadn’t seen a zombie one yet! Stay nerdy my friends!

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