Distinctly Colorado

By Season Hurd |

Trends may come and go but certain things will never get old here because they are so quintessentially Colorado. Here are a few things I will never tire of seeing:

Cowboy Wedding Elements – Most people think of Nebraska, Wyoming, or Texas when they think of cowboys. But Colorado boasts the World’s First Rodeo in Deer Trail, The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, and The National Western Stock Show. Incorporating elements of this heritage into a wedding can be super cute.

Microbrews/Homebrews – Colorado is among the top 5 in terms of per capita breweries! We¬†Coloradans¬†(not me per se) love our beer. An area known as the Denver Beer Triangle has even been called the Nappa Valley of Beer. The National Brewers Association is located in Boulder and the Great American Beer Festival in Denver is the largest beer fest in the world! Everyone who drinks beer on the front range fancies themselves a connoisseur and it shows at weddings where microbrews and even homebrews are served or given as favors. Even though I don’t personally like beer, I love beer culture.

Skiing/Snowboarding References – When people think Colorado, they think skiing. Unfortunately, most people think of celebrities and Aspen but we all know that anyone can get in on the action here. Colorado has a rich ski history and I always love to see it incorporated into weddings.

Aspen Trees and Aspen Leaves – Is there anything more beautiful than aspens? The butterfly like way their leaves move in the wind is unlike anything you will find on another tree. There is always something magical about aspens at any time of year, but it’s fall in Colorado when they light up gold in patches among the pines that reminds one of the veins of gold that brought so many here. And aspens are great for photographers, creating an elongated time where light is golden in the day. Anything aspen will forever remain cute. Among my top 5 places I would love to get married would be this grove of aspens near Ouray:

Aspen Trees

Personal Photo

That tops my list. What’s on yours?

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