Real Colorado Wedding: Anna and Kaulin | Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Wedding

By Season Hurd |

Bride: Anna, 26 – Marketing

Groom: Kaulin, 26 – Entrepreneur

Date: May 24, 2014

Location: Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, Littleton

Fun little anecdote here. I have been all over this wedding and didn’t realize it. As I was working on this post, I didn’t notice that I’m also working on publishing their engagement shoot (and it’s goooood) until I saw their dog! I recognized the dog and not the gorgeous couple. What is wrong with me? Also, as I was going through the pictures to make the album, I was floored to see that I’ve already published her bouquet as part of Floral Fridays! Crazy huh? But perhaps you will see this all as foreshadowing for this post because it’s so damn good that all the vendors involved want to show it off. Everything that Anna and Kaulin touch is gold and that is never more apparent than in their Botanic Gardens at Chatfield wedding. This DIY-intensive love-fest has thought put into every single detail. Plus you have a crazy perfect couple and a dog that has more personality than most people’s children. I agonized over the album and whittled it down to 45 pictures/collages. Normally my max is 30. I considered doing a two-parter. I seriously couldn’t help myself because there is no redundancy in this album! No room to cut the fat! Every moment/setting/detail of their wedding is worth sharing! So stick it through to the end because there is bound to be inspiration for you throughout the album. And look out for their adorable RV engagement shoot very soon!

Their Story:

Our paths crossed numerous times growing up but we never truly met until our freshman year of college at Colorado State University where we lived on the same hall in Westfall Dormitory. We were both dating other people and it wasn’t until our Senior years that we began dating. My best friend (and future maid of honor) insisted I go on a date with Kaulin after we bumped into each other one night. I didn’t date much so I was a little wary but agreed to go based on her strong recommendation. Kaulin and I went on our first date to my favorite Fort Collins pub, Lucky Joe’s where we had a couple beers and talked for hours. Before I knew it we were hanging out nearly every day- many times just studying together at the library or at his house. Kaulin graduated a semester earlier than me and I was scared our relationship wouldn’t last once he moved to Lakewood since we wouldn’t see each other very often. He proved me wrong and drove up to Fort Collins two to three times per week to see me! We dated for a few year spending much of our time snowboarding, camping, and fishing.

On December 15th, 2012 Kaulin asked me to marry him! It was a strangely warm December and we hadn’t gotten any snow so he asked me if I wanted to go for a hike. He drove us all the way up Loveland Pass and asked if I wanted to climb to the top (something I had always wanted to do!) so we got out and made our way to the top of the mountain. Just as he was getting down on one knee, the first snowflakes started falling! I was so surprised and happy I don’t think I could even tell you his words to me! I just remember being so overjoyed and the feeling of the cold flakes hitting my face as happy tears streamed down my cheeks! We made our way down the mountain and he took me to Keystone Resort for the weekend. We had a beautiful dinner at the Alpenglow Stube which is located at the very top of the mountain. It was absolutely perfect getting engaged where we had spent so much of our time when we were dating! – Anna

The Details:

  • DIY to the max! Invitations, menus, seating cards/favors, seating card display garden, wire basket centerpieces, table numbers, wishing tree, snack table, and signs. Talk about a personal touch!
  • A great deal of the vintage decor props were actually items from their home.
  • The sign at the entrance to the open air chapel says “Kaulin and Anna” with their wedding date on one side and “Waldner” with an established date on the side facing the ceremony. They go in a couple of people and leave a family. I love this idea!
  • Kaulin’s mother made 300 cake pops for the reception! (Note: I just made like 30 for my son’s birthday party and that woman is a rock star!)
  • The snack table featured popped corn and pretzels with a homemade sign saying, “He POPPED the question and they tied the KNOT”. Punny. ;)
  • The guest book was a wish “tree” where the guests wrote their best wishes and pinned them to a ribbon display.
  • The seating cards/favors were seed packets that were displayed in an upcycled pallet turned planter with moss.
  • They had a tree planting ceremony that included their mothers.
  • Something Old and Blue: A ring from Anna’s grandmother that was the first gift received from her grandfather | Something Borrowed: A cross necklace from her other grandmother | Something New: Locket that was a gift from her brother | The two necklaces were wrapped around the handle of her bouquet

The Best Part:

Marrying my best friend and the love of my life of course!!! Honestly, even though we had insane weather (torrential downpour, hail, tornado warnings….) it was an absolutely perfect day! We had so much fun and it was amazing being with all the people we love! Everyone was worried I would be upset about the weather but it just ended up making our day that much more memorable! – Anna

The Soundtrack:

  • Bridal Processional: “You Look Wonderful Tonight” – Eric Clapton (Instrumental Cover)
  • Photo Slideshow: “Home” – Philip Philips
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “My Little Girl” – Tim McGraw
  • First Dance: “You Are the Best Thing” – Ray LaMontagne
  • Last Dance: “Into the Mystic” – Van Morrison

Venue: Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield | Photographer: Willow Noavi Photography | Event Coordination and Floral Design: Quintessential Weddings and Events | Bridal Gown: Carlisle’s of Pittsburg | Bridesmaid Attire: Venus Bridals | Hair and Makeup: Brian Cruz, Tribe Salon | Rings: Shane | Cake: Kat’s Suite Cakes | Catering: Tony’s Market | DJ: Yeti Entertainment | Officiate: Jim Coleman, Bear Creek Presbyterian Church

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(And last but not least, one of the most beautiful ring shots ever. It really didn’t fit anywhere else:)

Ultimate ring shot, wedding rings on a purple iris, macro photography of wedding rings on a flower, Willow Noavi

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