Casual Engagement Photos at Home

By Season Hurd |

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Here’s a little secret about me: If I had the superpower of invisibility or even time freezing, I would probably use it to explore people’s homes. I love seeing how other people decorate and am obsessed with the unique objects that people have come to own over a lifetime. If I weren’t such a hermit, I might be that weirdo who snoops when you invite me over. I’m not interested in “Cribs” where the sudden influx of wealth has bought a lot of nothingness, but rather everyday people¬†whose lives are so greatly reflected in the trinkets they hold dear. The people who have dinosaurs with a cactus growing out of the back.

People usually take surprisingly few photographs of their living spaces. I look back at pictures that I have taken in my own space and they bring back a tsunami of memories that I never thought they would when I carelessly snapped a picture of something at the time.¬†So the idea of engagement photos at home is one I love. At least when you have a rockin’ unusual pad with tons of character like this couple does. Rachel and David’s engagement session is proof positive that you don’t need an elaborate setup to do engagement photos. And honestly, they get a two-fer in that they will always have pictures of them, in their space, being themselves. What a great way to archive this period of time in their lives!

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