Bridal Boudoir Photography by Under the Garter

By Season Hurd |

Bridal boudoir, shot of bride's decolletage and bouquet through the veil, Under the Garter

All photos by Under the Garter

Beauty, n: The power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband. – Ambrose Bierce

The pre-wedding boudoir shoot stands on the cusp of these relationship stages and serves as a reminder well into the latter. Whether boudoir or dudoir* and regardless of the gender on the receiving end, this style of photography makes an intimate and unexpected gift. It keeps on giving when the wedding photographer captures the look on the receiver’s face too! But the greatest benefit of so called bridal boudoir is the gift you give yourself in taking the time to focus on you during a stressful time. And there is quite possibly no other boudoir experience in Denver that compares to that of blog sponsor, Under the Garter.

Expect pro hair, airbrush makeup, a mimosa and fresh berries before a sexy boudoir photo session personalized just for you. We send you home looking glamorous with a goody bag of high-end cosmetics and a gift certificate for a one-hour massage! We pamper you before, during and after. – Melissa and Ray Trout, Under the Garter

The multi-talented husband and wife team, along with their gifted associates, created this shoot to show us the power of really investing in your boudoir time. The extra chance to pamper yourself and commission beautiful things (they went all out with cake, flowers, and accessories here) really extends the fun of the wedding beyond the all important – and quickly fleeting – day. Beautiful, flattering lingerie choices; theme appropriate accessories and props; and expert beauty services offered by the studio’s team create an exciting preview of things to come.

I chose to feature all three parts of this shoot because I loved the variety in both imagery and bridal style. The first part is all about soft color, whimsical sexiness, and attention to the “bridal” nature of the shoot. The second part does a great job of showcasing the skills of the creative team with gorgeous floral arrangements that include living jewelry! The photography moves more into fine art territory with jaw-dropping, high contrast shots of a model whose sculpted body is out of this world. The piece ends where it began with a new take on the first model. This time the focus is strictly sexy in the traditional sense and every so slightly voyeuristic. The span of images shows us how sexy can be many things: soft and sensual or bold and sultry; a shy smile or an intense stare; a closeup on the blush of a cheek or the monochromatic silhouette of a beautiful form. For me, the freckle on the first bride’s decolletage and the smile of the second on the bed are just those little touches that someone who adores them would zero in on and love.

*The male version, known as “dudoir” is only offered by some photographers.

Photography: Under the Garter | Floral Design: Fluorescence Flowers | Hair: Jaded Beauty | Makeup Artistry: Ally Triolo: Airbrush Makeup & Skin Artistry | Vintage Rentals: Yours for Your Day

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