After Awhile Crocodile!

By Season Hurd |

Especially to my long-time readers and friends, it seems like I owe you all an explanation for why the blog has had so many breaks in the last 2 years or so and why recently posts have been very few and far between. I also feel like an apology is due to the photographers and couples who have waited an eternity for their weddings to publish when I used to have super-fast publication rates. Unfortunately, I have ruminated on this matter for ages and cannot find a good, succinct way to explain all of the things that I’m feeling about life, weddings, and the blog right now. (I know some of you are laughing because I’m NEVER to-the-point so why start now, right?) I’ve given up trying to find the words. All I can offer you as followers is the reassurance that the many things I’m dealing with are not all bad. Some of them are exciting new prospects that position me where I’d ideally love to be in the wedding industry. Unfortunately all of these things are difficult to balance with blogging.

So I am announcing now a blog sabbatical! Not the wimpy breaks I’ve been trying to take that offer me no real separation from background work on the blog. A REAL break – 6 months is what I’ve chosen. ACC has always been a one woman project and that woman is undeniably flawed. I struggle more than most I feel to maintain a balance. I need time to evaluate what I want ACC to be going forward. (Teaser: The future includes getting back to my roots with inspiration, DIY, and editorials.) I also need to hone some new skills I’m pretty excited about professionally, go to bed at the same time as my husband and wake up rested so I enjoy spending time with my kids, see some doctors about my various maladies, and help make my home and family into the dream that my husband and I had when we got married – i.e. the beginning of the blog. With only a few exceptions, my outstanding submissions will be retroactively dismissed to start fresh when the time comes. I have contacted all of the affected photographers and I hope they brought their clients up to speed as well.

I’m tremendously thankful and humbled by the response I’ve received so far from vendors I’ve contacted about this. It has made it even harder to walk away for any length of time knowing that I will be missed and that my efforts have been appreciated.  It certainly spurs me to make this break a temporary one when I know that I have people eagerly awaiting my return. If anybody wants to better understand the blog and the things I’m considering right now, let us get coffee and chat! (

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