About A Colorado Courtship Blog

Welcome to my corner of the internet! A Colorado Courtship began as a personal blog about myself and my journey down the aisle. However, as opposed to most brides, once the wedding was over I was more in love with weddings than ever before! Now my goal is to appeal to other couples in Colorado as they prepare for their big day. During my time preparing for my wedding I read dozens of blogs with great regularity but felt there was a noticeable hole in the Colorado blogging scene. While that has changed, I still feel there is a lack of content directed at the couples themselves and the reality of the average person who is planning a wedding. I am not always fancy, not ever fake, and often unabashed. But I hope that my quirky take on the local wedding scene will leave you with information, inspiration, and a sense of community.

Season and Jacob Hurd Wedding

About the Editor

I’m Season Hurd. I married my husband, Jacob, on August 13, 2011 in Estes Park after nearly 8 years of dating. Now I reside in Northglenn Colorado with my husband, son (Caleb born April 2012), daugher (Shelby born September 2014), dog (Chloe) and cat (Kitty). In the summer of 2012 I left my job as a Microbiologist to stay at home with my kids and attempt to make this blog the very best that I could.

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