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Having watched my mother make candy during the holidays, I have an enormous appreciation for the difficult job of confectioners. Candy is a fine art and not even remotely forgiving. If things aren’t at the perfect temperature; the texture, color, or flavor can be ruined. Worse yet, they may not even set up! To innovate with recipes is daring but local confectioner Toute Douceur plays with fire, making creative chocolate masterpieces and old favorites alike. For this wedding spread, Toute Douceur provided the following tasty selections:
Drunken Pumpkins – A creamy pumpkin filling made with Bulleit Bourbon and a milk chocolate shell.
Butterscotch Truffles – A chewy, hand rolled butterscotch center dipped in milk chocolate with sea salt on top
Peanut Butter Cups – Classic peanut butter center in a chocolate shell
‘Shot in the Dark’ Caramels – A chewy espresso caramel center made with local Coda espresso, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with a toasted espresso bean
St. Germain and Basil Truffles – Fresh basil and St. Germain white chocolate ganache in a white chocolate shell.
Chocolates by Toute Douceur | Photography by Megan Shaw Photography

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