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Soooo…my “First Monday Mood Board” turned into Thursday. Not because I’m slacking. On the contrary, the concept I wanted to flush out – the one that was supposed to be limited both in available relevant material and appropriate audience – kind of got away from me. Now this is not uncommon for me to be inspired in excess. But in this case, I was actually working FOUR boards about mermaid weddings. I cut it down to three only after staying up past 4:00 AM on four consecutive nights! And I just squeaked in under the wire for midnight on day five. Because I’m insane and neurotic of course. Much to my surprise, there is so much material out there that fits the mermaid aesthetic! As usual, it was very important to me to not go kitschy even on a theme board. I wanted it to be classy and at least somewhat relevant to real weddings. Mythological creatures aside, I tried to keep it real. (If you want to see a literally interpreted Little Mermaid inspired wedding, it’s been done and my inner child declares it awesome.) While I would normally try to include every important element of the wedding, I simply didn’t have space to focus on much besides the bride and the decor. So for this series, it’s all about the maidens and their briny habitats. Why mermaids you ask? Well, I think they are pretty cool, the concept is less “typical”, and my son has been watching a lot of mermaid themed shows lately for some reason. Mermaids on the brain!

Mood board number one channels the darker, more historical variety of mermaid. These intense, sapphic sirens lure fishermen to their death with their haunting voices. But in their off time, they fell in love and cultivated enough friendships for a full wedding ceremony by the sea. Ha! All of these boards use the common notion that the maids transform into legged beings on dry land. Mostly because I love picking dresses and shoes. The two incredibly detailed dresses I chose feature barnacle-like texture. That texture, along with the other common elements of driftwood and blue mussel shells, adorn the open air beach wedding’s decor. The space is decorated with the flotsam and jetsam of affected ships such as the collection of mismatched silver. The final repeating element, simple white wax candles, appears on the table and in a very cool candle bouquet. (Find out how to make this brilliant bouquet on Green Wedding Shoes)

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White barnacle mermaid dress | Brunette mermaid bride with gills | Blue haired mermaid bride | Pearl and shell necklace | Mermaid in a fishing net hammock | Blue barnacle dress | Driftwood altar | Pearl ring in a mussel shell | Driftwood seating cards | Mismatched antique silverware | Bar cart in the surf | White coral candle holder | Seashell table runner | Beach wedding cake with mussel shell topper | Dark watercolor ocean wedding invitation | Candle bouquet with a collar of mussel shells and flowers

Next up is a mood board that shows a warmer, more light-hearted and fairly typical beach wedding. Also in contrast to the cold-water sirens above, this mermaid was “captured” instead of being the one doing the luring. I thought it would be fun to play on the iconic images of mermaids being found in fishermen’s nets. This sailor caught more than dinner when he found his mystical bride and her child. This family, blended in many ways, becomes official in a wedding filled with sea glass, yellow starfish, and fishing nets.

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Mermaid Bride with a fishing net blusher veil | Sea glass cuff bracelet | Ocean theme wedding bouquet with seashells, starfish and aqua pearls | Sequinned fish scale cocktail dress | Groom with turquoise and tan Chuck Taylors | Turquoise bow tie | 3 starfish | Child mermaid | Beach wedding ceremony | Starfish ring pillow | Saltwater taffy favors | Sea glass cookies | “Two less fish in the sea” banner | Aqua sea glass beach wedding cake with scales and waves | Aqua and yellow beach wedding place settings with mosaic plates

Last up is the tropical waters mermaid bride that showcases a coral reef wedding. I had to keep editing to prevent this board from resembling a mermaid themed sorority party. Here a form fitting, iridescent, aqua dress is appropriate but should probably never be worn outside of this hypothetical wedding or on Halloween when you dress up like a slutty mermaid. So I reeled it in (pun intended) and opted for high style tropical flowers and couture designer clothing. I was completely in love with the idea of flowers that look like coral and I have a whole post brewing on that alone right now. I think the unusual flowers go nicely with her atypical bridal attire. I want this bride’s outfit so badly! I finally got a chance to spotlight my favorite Poseidon heels from Christian Louboutin. Probably the only shoes I’ve ever felt this strongly about. They paired nicely with a beautifully detailed dress that echos the scales on the hip of the inspiration mermaid. Her bracelet also showcases gold scales in addition to the turquoise variety seen in her makeup. The super cool fin on the board is actually a lifelike costume fin sold by a company called Finfolk Productions that produces “realistic, fully swimmable, silicone mermaid tails”.  To the tune of a few grand. Less pricey is the whimsical ear cuffs that draw upon older images of mermaids with ear fins. This girl is stylin’!

If I had to pick a mermaid to be, it would be the one in this board. Not only am I envious of her wardrobe, I have added her habitat to the tippy top of my bucket list. It turns out there are underwater sculpture gardens and museums that are designed to be viewed by divers. I spent waaaay too long looking at images of these places. I can’t even describe how cool I find it all. Some images show how they go in as simple bronze or concrete sculptures and evolve into colorful reef people. They range from whimsical to beautiful to downright eerie. This is my heaven folks! When I finally plopped into the ocean for the first time in Hawaii, I said that I could basically become a fish and die happy. When I was a little girl, I used to sit next to my mom’s aquarium and pretend that I shrunk down and lived inside the little castle among the reefs and seaweed. I begged my mom to make me a mermaid tail to use at the pool and spent countless hours pretending I was part of their world. I think that diving would probably be the closest I’ll ever get to live as a merperson.

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Red haired mermaid with gold fins | Gold sequin fish scale heels – Posideon by Christian Louboutin | Mermaid ear cuff | “Valencia” turquoise and gold fish scales cuff bracelet | Dark pearl with gold seashells ring | Realistic mermaid tail by Finfolk Productions | Gold fish scale dress by Valentin Yudashkin | Coral reef wedding bouquet with tropical flowers | Coral reef covered art in an underwater museum | Coral reef inspired floral centerpieces | Underwater statues of a man and woman covered in barnacles | Gold and white striped cake with a pincushion protea topper | Underwater cathedral

Mood Board: Noir | Dark Wedding Inspiration

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It’s a nice day for a dark wedding! I purposely put this mood board after Halloween because it was never meant to evoke All Hallows’ Eve. I wasn’t wanting a goth wedding. Black is known as a somber color; but it is also known as THE chicest color of all time. It’s the color of artists, the color of sophistication, and “every room needs a touch” of it, according to Jan Showers (of interior design fame). The French made black their staple in fashion and The Dutch Masters knew that black is the ideal backdrop for making the colors of their still life paintings pop like magic. It was that contrast and sophistication that came to mind when I found the cake in this mood board. (I know, I know. If it isn’t song lyrics it’s a cake with me!) I tried my best to create a wedding story that shows the chic, beautiful, and possibly even upbeat side of black wedding color palettes.

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