Boom Boom Ain’t It Great to be Crazy!?

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Hand Stamped Wedding Napkins

I have definitely heard from people that I’m nuts to take on so many of my own wedding projects. I have my crafty little hands in nearly every aspect of our wedding. Is it likely that nobody will ever notice/care that I put this much thought into hand-stamping our cocktail napkins? Uhm yes, very likely. But I am so in love with our wedding that I know every picture will remind me of this labor of love.

Thus far, I have taken on the following projects:

  • Save-the-dates
  • Ceremony decor
  • Centerpieces (2 kinds)
  • Hand-stamped cocktail napkins
  • Card “box”
  • Direction arrows and other signage
  • Favor bags
  • A┬ávariety of clay and mixed media photo booth props.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg (ok, maybe I’m embellishing…could be like that first meter of iceberg under the water). What’s on the horizon for me?

  • Wedding party and family gifts
  • Vintage family wedding photo table decor
  • Lyrics wall
  • Dance floor area decor
  • Making all of the treats for our favors
  • Favor table decor
  • Kits: Bathroom/Kids/Emergency/Out of Town
  • “Altar”
  • Invitations
  • Possibly my own accessories unless I can find what I like

Making that list into text actually makes me feel like hyperventilating. I’m excited about every bit of it but yowza. What percent of your wedding is DIY?

Why Hello There…

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Jacob and Season Hurd

Us on Hua Shan in China

Thank you for coming to our wedding blog. With only 3 months to go before the big day, it may seem a strange time to start blogging about the wedding now. At this stage of the game, most brides are ready to burn their wedding magazines and un-favorite every┬ápage they loved so much mere months before. I’m not most brides. I have spent hundreds of hours pouring over the details and freqent about 40 blogs in a given week. I am, in fact, quite depressed that the planning is almost over. I no doubt will go through a good deal of post-nuptial shock.

Planning a wedding can be a somewhat isolating experience. While everyone shows great love for you and helps in their way, it is still difficult to relate to what you are feeling at any point in time and to really care after the billionth conversation you have about wedding flowers. At most stages of your life, you are surrounded by peers are who having nearly the same experience as you (school, job, etc.). It is very likely that if you are planning a wedding, you are the only one in your immediate group at that stage of the process. Even when you encounter someone similar to you timeline-wise, everyone has a different budget, expectations, etc. that can make it difficult to relate. The online world of weddings provides a great range of styles, budgets and personalities. I hope that in this community of similarly minded individuals I can find a connection to other people who care about weddings and all the hard work we put into them.

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