If you are in the Colorado wedding industry or are getting married in Colorado, I would love to hear from you! ACC is looking for the following:

  • Real Weddings
  • Styled Shoots
  • Photo Ops Project Locations (and associated engagement sessions)
  • Floral Arrangements (Floral Anatomy)
  • Wedding Dessert Inspiration (Dessert Envy)
  • Tablescapes
  • DIY Projects
  • Useful Ideas or Products

Content can be submitted in the following manners:



  1. Format: I generally work with JPEGs at 900 x 600 pixels or larger.
  2. Alteration: I will not crop or alter your photos in any way without permission. I may resize them or create a collage photo with 2 or more placed together for ease of upload.
  3. Watermarks: It is visually neater to have images without watermarks but that is a professional choice I leave up to you. I will not accept watermarked photos for Real Weddings but completely understand watermarking for Photo Ops locations as those galleries may have more than one photographer featured.
  4. Quantity and Image Selection: The more images you provide, the better selection I will have to choose content that appeals to ACC readers. When possible, please provide a variety of vertical and horizontal images and color equivalents of BW images. It makes for more options when compositing images. Do not include more than 2 styles of post-processing please.
  5. Age and Location of Material: I will not accept weddings older than 2 years or outside of Colorado. All other content can be from any time.

Additional Information:

  1. Floral Anatomy – At least one photograph of the arrangement, a complete list of all flowers and fillers, and photo credit where applicable. The photographer will be asked for permission to publish the photo.
  2. Dessert Envy – At least one photograph of the item, a short description of it, and photo credit where applicable. The photographer will be asked for permission to use the photo.
  3. Photo Ops – Please give me images that best show off the location and a physical address of the location (or at very minimum a description of the exact location). These locations need to be distinctive! No rolling hills in the middle of nowhere or indistinct woodlands. =)
  4. Styled Shoots – Please include representative images and a list of all the vendors involved. Please include a short description of the reason for the shoot, goal of the shoot, etc. to help me augment the photos.
  5. Weddings – Try to provide a good representation of the wedding details (cake, dress, table settings, programs, flowers, etc.) as these are of primary interest to the readers of this page. Try to limit pictures that are very personal (such as those showing hairdressing/makeup/family portraits/etc.) and will not appeal to readers. Please have the couple answer the questions in the Couple’s Questionnaire.

Due to the high volume of submissions, I am not able to feature all content on the blog. Your submissions will be evaluated for relevancy and reviewed periodically. Thank you for choosing A Colorado Courtship!

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