Bridal Bootcamp

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As you may recall, a few weeks ago I attended the Bridal Bootcamp at Ribbons and Rainbows in Platteville. I’ve been to several bridal shows but this one was completely different. The vendors were obviously carefully selected and worked beautifully together. It didn’t feel like a giant industrial event the way that most do. There was a cohesiveness and an emphasis on education that made it really enjoyable to partake in. It was also really nice to see that several of my own spotlights and vendors were there, including The Traveling Photo Booth, Splendor, and RC Rentals. I also met some new folks in the industry whom I’m excited to share with you. Shall we?

Cool Hand Ice Carving

Cool Hand Ice Carving

We joked on our way in that we shouldn’t park in the loading area because
we didn’t bring our ice sculpture. Turns out someone else did! And it was neat!

Cool Hand Ice Carving

The particular piece above had a lovely flower base. I thought it was quite
cool (pardon the pun). But even cooler was the beverage server made of
ice. It had delicious cucumber lemonade in it. Yummy.

Cool Hand Ice Carving

And I must say that the fellow in charge of this display was
easy on the eyes as well.

Gift Bags and Custom Water Bottles
(Very necessary because it was a beautiful day but a bit hot)
Bridal Bootcamp

But lets go back to the beginning. One of the first things
I saw was the endless bags of swag. As a non-bride at
a bridal show, I was jealous.

Bridal Bootcamp

Water Bottles

Isabelle Kline Designs

Bridal Bootcamp, Isabelle Kline Designs

The first thing you saw when you entered the upstairs ballroom. Very striking.
I love the way the circular nature of the table arrangement really compliments
the shape of the room.

Bridal Bootcamp, Isabelle Kline Design

Sparkles and Silk Pintuck. I like.

Poparazzi’s Gourmet Popcorn

Bridal Boot Camp, Poparazzi Popcorn

At first I was skeptical. Then I had the popcorn. The salted caramel was the
perfect combo of sweet and salty. But the birthday cake was soooo good.

Katharine Marie Designs

Bridal Bootcamp, Katharine Marie Designs

I’m sad that I didn’t get a better picture of this amazing jewelry. My favorite
was this beautiful crystal statement necklace. Me likey. They also provided
accessories for the fashion show.

Creative Cakes by Beth

Bridal Bootcamp, Creative Cakes by Beth

I had the chocolate with raspberry filling and almond icing. It
was the bomb! And I love that they brought full-sized samples.
The texture was very nice too.

The Print Cafe

Bridal Bootcamp, The Print Cafe

Photo Guestbook

Bridal Bootcamp, The Print Cafe

Pocket Wedding Invitations

Espresso People

Bridal Bootcamp, The Espresso People

I wish I would have known about these folks before our wedding. I love
coffee and they offer a full service coffee bar (complete with decaf for
pregnant gals like me). Summer wedding? They also do smoothies and
Italian sodas! But even better yet, they will do breakfast or lunch items.
If you are having a brunch wedding, this would totally be the way to go.

RC Special Events

Bridal Bootcamp, RC Special Events

I ended up dumping my other rental company and going with these guys.
So happy that I did. They know their inventory well and are very professional.

The Traveling Photo Booth

Bridal Bootcamp, The Traveling Photo Booth

Another awesome vendor that we ourselves chose.

Blushing Bride

Bridal Bootcamp, Blushing Bride

Provided the beautiful dresses for the fashion show.

Splendor For Your Guests

Bridal Bootcamp, Splendor For Your Guests

So sad that I didn’t get to see the owners of this company. I’ve loved the
concept of rental umbrellas and shawls since I first of heard of them.
(See my blog on this company)

Denver Limo

Bridal Bootcamp, Denver Limo


Bridal Bootcamp, Denver Limo

I’ve never been in a limo before!

Other Vendors

I only featured my favorite vendors. Also, some I did not get to try out so I can’t vouch for them. I only endorse that which I really appreciate or know. Others will have their own feature posts.

Masterful Musicians
Ritchie Bibelheimer – Officiant
Take Me to Paradise – Travel
Elevation Video – Videographer
Party Liquor – Bartenders
Jared – Jewelers (brought a huge microscope!)
Stonebraker Fireworks (How fun would this be?)
Biscuits and Berries – Catering (Smelled so good)
Yours Truly Cupcake
Jeanine Thurston Photography (Will have her own post)
Takaraa Wooden Treasures (Will have her own post)